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We want to be very transparent about the tech stack we’re using. We believe there’s no reason to be secretive about it.

Possible concerns we sometimes hear are about the following two domains:

  • Security: Security cannot be improved by not talking about the tech stack you use. The opposite is true: By talking about your tech stack you have to make sure you know about weaknesses, vulnerabilities and mitigations for the former. Operations- and Data Security should always be a first class citizen anyway.
  • Competition: You won’t lose any competitive advantages if you hide your tech stack. There is more to building a business than just smartly assembled technology components: It’s the team, the culture, and the experience. You can’t simply copy that.

We believe that sticking to mature stacks, utilising best practices and mixing in new technology components, is the best way to be successful and grow the business. This is based on our years of experience building scalable web based platforms and services.

The tech stack transparency also helps to attract talent. Which is one of the major motivations for us.

That’s why we share our stack under https://stackshare.io/ottonova.

Have fun browsing.

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