About ottonova’s tech stack transparency

Hi everybody!

Aleks Dahlberg

At ottonova, we believe in being transparent about the technology stack we use. We see no reason to keep it a secret.

Possible concerns we sometimes hear are about the following two domains:

  • Security: We believe that security cannot be improved by keeping our tech stack a secret.
    In fact, discussing our tech stack openly allows us to identify and address any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Operations and data security should always be a top priority.
  • Competition: We don’t believe that hiding our tech stack gives us any competitive advantage. Building a successful business involves much more than just assembling technology components – it’s about the team, the culture, and the experience, which cannot be easily replicated.

Our approach is to use mature technology stacks, follow best practices, and incorporate new technology components as needed. This approach is based on our years of experience building scalable web-based platforms and services.

Sharing our tech stack also helps us attract talented individuals to join our team. Which is a major motivations for us.

You can view our technology stack at https://stackshare.io/ottonova.

Enjoy browsing.