Hosting a meetup for the first time: Swift Lighting Talks

We at ottonova make private health insurance better, simpler and faster by being the first digital health insurance company in Germany.

The main touchpoint with our customers are the mobile apps. They are raising the bar for the health insurance sector in Germany by introducing more digital convenience.

We love to push the limits of the health industry and mobile development to bring our users the best experience possible.

Being able to stay informed about the newest trends and topics in the community is a crucial part of our success. That’s why we are honoured to host this upcoming version of „Swift Lighting Talks“ on September 3rd 2018.

The lightning talks are short presentations on various iOS topics. Not longer than 15-20 minutes each, plus a short Q&A session.

This time we will have two presentations:

  • Aydar Mukhametzyanov: A look into AB testing
  • Mladen Despotovic: Module Oriented Architecture
  • Rupak Parikh: A major pain point, passwords! How iOS 12 can help us 

If you have a topic you are passionate about and would like to share, this could be an app idea, a framework or any other subject related to iOS Development, please contact us or the organizers of the meetup event. There are still available spots.

If you are interested in how we are developing our mobile apps, or our insurance products, please approach one of the ottonova representatives at the meetup, we would love to chat!

Click here for more information about the meetup:!