The QA Engineer position at ottonova

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Some information about our QA Chapter and the QA Automation Engineer position at ottonova

We would like to use this article to give some insights on the QA Engineer position here at ottonova and to answer

This article gives some insights on the QA Engineer position here at ottonova. Since the position can be interpreted quite differently we want to answer some common questions. Here we go.

1. Is test automation part of the QA activity? If yes, what experience in which programming languages and frameworks is required here?

Yes, test automation is a very important part for us. For the automation of the web tests, we use Python and JavaScript.
The UI tests from the iOS and Android apps are implemented in Appium. Experience in using classic frameworks like Page Object Pattern and common build tools like Jenkins or GitLab CI is also a big plus.

2. Exactly what kind of tests are performed and developed (acceptance testing, regression testing, UI testing, backend API testing…)?

Regression and acceptance tests are developed and executed. The development and execution of the automated UI and backend tests is also part of our daily activities.

3. Which application are tested? The ottonova app? If so, are both versions (iOS and Android) tested?

In our QA team we test our various web applications as well as our mobile apps (iOS and Android).

4. How big is the development team and how many members does the test team consist of? How many releases would be tested per day? 

There are several engineering teams consisting of backend, frontend, mobile and QA engineers. The teams use Scrum and are organized cross-functionally. They therefore also include, for example, product owners or members of our insurance departments.

Each of our cross-functional teams has at least one dedicated QA Engineer.

6. What are the weekly working hours at ottonova? What further development opportunities do I have in your company in the area of QA?

We are flexible on all points and are happy to accommodate the wishes and ideas of applicants, both in terms of weekly hours and contract terms.

Working student contracts are limited to one year by default and have a fixed hourly wage. A permanent position after a student job (or internship) is always our highest goal.

In our employment contracts for a full-time position, there is always a probationary period of 6 months.

The development opportunities are individual depending on the employee, we support the realization of your goals where we can.